Do convictions on my driving record affect my insurance?

YES. If you receive a moving violation from a police officer (this does not include red light and speed enforcement camera violations as well as parking tickets), this will impact your insurance premium. If you fight a ticket and the “points” are waived, you still have a rateable conviction on your driving record. Points are […]

Can I let other people drive my vehicle?

In Ontario the owner of the vehicle is required to insure it. The owner’s policy (OAP 1) generally lists drivers that are regular operators of the vehicle. There may be an occasion where you need to lend your vehicle. Provided the operator holds a valid operators licence and has your permission as the owner, they […]

What is a deductible?

When an insured loss occurs on a contract of insurance, there is generally a deductible applied. This is stated in your policy documents and may alter based on the type of coverage. For example, a standard property insurance deductible is $1000, but water related losses may have $2000 deductible. This is the share you contribute […]

What is no-fault insurance in Ontario?

Likely the most misleading terminology that could be used, someone involved in an automobile accident in Ontario is always deemed fully, partially, or not at fault. The term “no-fault” refers to the accident benefit section of the auto insurance policy. This section of the policy provides coverage for loss of income, medical rehabilitation, attendant care, […]